Garvin-CD_Jacket-2-10My history with Mr. Garvin began as I was being born, as my parents were listening to recordings of the singing of Dr. Al Smith, which was accompanied by Phil Garvin on the piano and Ann Garvin, Phil’s wife, on the organ. Since that time, I have been privileged to hear Mr. Garvin play the piano at various meetings and conferences as he accompanied congregational singing.

When I was three and a half years of age, my parents started me on the violin. Because of all the singing of traditional hymns that we did as a family and at church, as well as the playing of good quality sacred and classical music in our home, I learned to play many hymns by ear. As the years progressed, I started to play the violin along with congregational singing, where sometimes, Mr. Garvin would be playing the piano.

When I was about eight or nine, I played my first solo at a violin recital and was accompanied by Mr. Garvin. Soon my parents started me on piano lessons, and shortly after that I began studying harmony with Dr. M. Dean Kincaid. As I grew in my knowledge of music, I began to recognize the unique beauty and rich harmonies with which Mr. Garvin played. As this awareness grew, so did the desire to capture Mr. Garvin’s God-given gift on a recording.

About this time, Mr. Garvin had a stroke and was unable to play. I began to wonder if a recording would become a reality. Through much prayer, God restored Mr. Garvin’s ability to play the piano. Our family was privileged to be in the hospital lobby when he first began to play again after his stroke. Together we shed tears of joy and gratefulness.

cibim_fAs the years passed, Mr. Garvin’s ability continued to improve, and he invited me to play with him at a local care center on his way home from work during the dinner hour. This became a regular occurrence, and we played together every other Monday night. As we got into a routine of songs and styles again, I began to see hope for making a recording together. Eventually a date was set. Then, the night before the recording, we received a phone call from Mrs. Garvin, informing us that her husband had broken his hip, and yes, it was his pedal leg! Through God’s mercy and miraculous restoration, less than a year later we were able to make this recording.

As usual, we did not use any written arrangements but played from our hearts, seeking to interpret the message of these hymns through our instruments. It is our prayer that your heart will be turned to the Lord Jesus Christ as you listen to I Believe in Miracles.


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