A Survey of Christian Hymnology


Author: M. Dean Kincaid

Format: Textbook

Length: 282 pages




This book leads its reader from the Psalms, canticles and chants of the Bible to the major hymns of the New Testament Church, to the perilous thread of Christianity running through the Dark and Middle Ages, to the triumph of the Reformation and its hymns in the language of the people. Then follow the age of Enlightenment, the rise of metric versions of the Psalms in Europe and Britain, the birth of “hymns of human composure” and the rise of Romanticism.

Such influences laid the foundation for hymnody in America, which has run the complete gamut of strongly liturgical hymns to the camp meeting, spiritual and folk hymns, to America’s contribution to hymnody, the Gospel Hymn.

The book reviews the lives of the more famous authors and composers and their hymns, and many of the stories of the hymns are included. Learning the history and development of our heritage of hymns gives them new meaning, understanding and appreciation.


  1. The Hymnal
  2. The Hymns of the Bible
  3. The New Testament Church
  4. The Dark Age
  5. The Middle Ages
  6. Reformation Hymns
  7. The Psalters
  8. British Hymnody
  9. The Romantic Movement
  10. The Oxford Movement
  11. American Hymns
  12. The New Theology
  13. Twentieth Century Developments

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