Principles of Harmony


Author: M. Dean Kincaid

Format: Textbook

Length: 262 pages




This is a textbook to develop the musicianship of a music performer, the basic course required of every college music major, but successfully learned by advanced musicians from high school age and older. The complete chordal vocabulary is learned, along with melodic and original compositions, in the style of hymns.


  1. The Keyboard and Musical Alphabet; Scales
  2. Intervals
  3. Triads
  4. Triads in Root Position Arranged for Four Voices
  5. Progression of Principal Triads
  6. Secondary Triads
  7. Triads in First Inversion
  8. Triads in Second Inversion
  9. Cadences
  10. Harmonization of Melodies
  11. Passing and Auxiliary Tones
  12. Modulation by Pivot Chord
  13. Harmonies of the Melodic Minor Scale
  14. Suspension, Ornamental Resolution, Appoggiatura
  15. Interchangeable Harmonies
  16. The Dominant Seventh Chord
  17. Modulation with the Dominant Seventh
  18. Seventh Chords on the Leading Tone
  19. Secondary Seventh Chords
  20. Borrowed Dominant Forms
  21. Modulation with Chords on the Leading Tone
  22. The Nondominant Diminished Seventh Chord
  23. Changing Tones, Anticipation, and Pedal Point
  24. Ninth Chords
  25. Eleventh Chords
  26. Thirteenth Chords
  27. The Sequence
  28. Chromatic Chords; The Neapolitan Sixth Chord
  29. Augmented Sixth Chords
  30. C Clefs and Open Score
  31. Other Chromatic Alterations
  32. Other Methods of Modulation
  33. Modes
  34. Parallelism
  35. Polychords and Polytonality
  36. Expanded Metric and Rhythmic Resources
  37. Other Scale Systems and Chord Formations
  38. Synthetic Scales
  39. Nontertial Harmonies
  40. The Chromatic Scale
  41. Summary

Appendix 1: Other Irregular Features and Exceptional Progressions
Appendix II: Masterworks for Analysis and Observation

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